Bionic Finger

Every year there are more than 8000 lower limb amputations each year in Australia. That means around 23 amputations a day. Though thankfully, as technology is evolving, we are able to create many inventions that help us to live an easier life. One of those inventions is bionic limbs. Bionic limbs are helpful as they provide assistance for those who have lost a part of their body. Some people feel very frustrated and stressful not having a limb. But with this invention, people feel whole again and allows amputees to do everyday life tasks.

Do you want to try and make a bionic finger yourself? This is the place where all the information you need to make a bionic finger. Follow the steps thoroughly and make sure you understand each step, so you have an idea about how to make it even without the instructions. But most importantly have fun! Bionic fingers are not something many people make, so be inventive, creative and innovative!